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What to Look for when Picking your Website Developer?

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What to Look for when Picking your Website Developer?

Website development is an art. How? Well, it is all about the creativity and alignment of appropriate codes in the right places. However, this art is not everybody’s cup of tea. You and I need web developers to incorporate our needs into material form. This indeed takes some time if done by a noob, lesser time by rookies, and not much time by experts.

If you want to know all the tips and tricks to hire the best web services, then you should go through the checklist maintained in this article. All the pointers, however, are discussed in length to project the idea of hiring the best website designers.

Checklist – Pointers on Hiring Web Services

  • Meets needs of creating meaningful designs.
  • Alignment of scope and budget.
  • Fulfills prerequisites of tech needs .

Further Explanation of Key Points in Checklist

It is dire need to know the reason why you should look into the following aspects before hiring the services of a web developer. That is the reason why we have explained these points in depth under this section.

Let’s delve into them separately…

Meets needs of creating meaningful designs

Design is all about the look of a website. It is pretty daunting as well as overwhelming to create a design for your client. Reason being, creativity is not always aligned as per the expectations. However, when the discussion is carried out in which everything is talked out, then changes of not meeting client’s needs become less. For this reason, we always guide our clients to hire those designers who can understand instructions well.

Following are some pointers which actually assist designers to come up to the client’s level…

  • Always take a drawing of expected website. This clears everything and also a direction is given to work on.
  • Sharing websites which inspire the client most are also helpful in creating something which he prefers.
  • Mentioning each and every issue in the present website allow the website designers to work on the website design accordingly.If you are not aware of technicalities, then allow the designer to figure out glitches and work in order to fix them all.

What to look in the web developer in this regard?

Knowing that the best developer is he who can deliver your requirements. It includes looks, features, pop-ups, integration of services or products, and etc. in addition to it, there is something called “mechanism of carrying out the project”. Getting assure of the process and verifying it is mandatory. Some clients like to go with milestones with fifty percent advance payment. Whereas, others don’t approve the idea and want to pay full after work. Therefore, you must discuss payment mode as well as the format in which work shall be delivered.

What not to buy from the developer?

If the website developer looks for shortcuts and has issues with your way of working, then don’t hire them at all. It is because they are the professionals who only find issues in the delivery and cause problems for the clients. A lot of editing and too many redoes can actually make anyone frustrated. See the competence of the developer and then make a wise choice.

Alignment of scope and budget

Before aligning your superficial thoughts into a real business of getting a website made, always ask yourself these questions…

  1. What is my budget and what I can afford?
  2. By what time do I need the website?

Once you will be sure about these two things, the road from the inception of the idea to the completion of the website will be less painful. Also, keep in mind that custom made websites are a little expensive than other options like wordpress and etc. Websites are for life and they should be taken as investments.

What you should consider while working on budget and time?

You must understand the following pointers before hiring and giving a project to a web service provider.

  • Jot down everything that you will need – features, design or template, functionality, add-on buttons, and etc. This is one of the best ways to get familiar with costing.
  • Be wise and rationale. See what you can afford and the present cashflow can determine it easily. You can do it by knowing the worth of a single lead. Don’t finalize anything more than what a single lead could bring you in return.
  • Another thing is you can easily get to know the cost of the existing or non-existing website. If it is let’s say of 50,000 PKR (Pakistani Rupee), then divide it in months. Do you think it will last for thirty months? If yes, do the costing and see whether it is feasible for you to get it made or not.

What you should avoid?

Never think about budgeting in a silo and always sync it to the value of the website. It means, seeing things from a bigger perspective. Keeping the options for selecting a developer must remain open. You should not think on the lines of buying and getting everything on the website.

Fulfills prerequisites of tech needs

Asking and then answering the following question can actually help you in finding the best developer for your website. The question is, “how my website should function?”

Then ask yourself if you are looking for something to exhibit services or sell products. Do you want an e-commerce website, a custom-made website, a PHP, or WP (WordPress)? Also, ask if you want something exceptionally glorified in terms of functionality or anything that is regular and basic.

If you will know tech needs for your website, it will not waste time and money. However, it is indeed a technical area and you might take some time to understand the basics in this regard. Few of the good examples are Mikiya Kobayashi, J.Hornig, Simply Chocolate.

What you should never let go and always consider while working with a designer?

All right. So here are some of the questions which should be answered.

  • Would you like to get the current website edited?
  • What is the role of visitors in the site?
  • How would you want the growth of website?
  • Will you apply AdSense or any other method of monetization?
  • Which type of functionalities would you want in the site?


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