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 The Mission

There was a vision of opening a Baking food item brand by Far Eastern Impex in Pakistan where they could target the local SMEs and privately owned baking ventures.. In Just few months since the launch of its products, VCS has become a name across Pakistan for buying baking food items online for small bakery confectioners. VCS offers food colors, Food flavors Cocoa Powder, Cake Gels, Mirror Glaze gels and many more. You name the baking product, you can find here. They are still doing R & D though to improve the customer experience and expectations.

With such a solid standing in the Pakistani hospitality industry, it’s no surprise that anyone interested in running their own Baking item business would want to align them with the VCS name. VCS wanted to engage Senior Chef’s, Bakers and Cake Decorators, Bakery Managers, Home bakers, culinary artist to increase sales.

Vibgyor passed on the brand perception building and sales to SeleniumRay so that they could focus on working through the influx of interested potential buyers. Let’s find out how we created a campaign that was so effective, it brought in almost too many sales.


Increase in Conversion Rate


People Reached on Facebook


Organic Engagement on Social Media

 The Process

Our first challenge was to create a correct brand perception. We started doing that by running various campaigns like each day is a color day representing Vibgyor Food Colors, Chocolate Day representing GCB, Sharing feedback of customers and many other successful campaigns. These campaigns helped us increasing VCS Organic sales day by day. We knew that this was an enticing offer, so we had to build a campaign that appealed to the right target market and brought in sales

To get this right first time, we knew that we had to build the campaign on a foundation of solid research. We began by reviewing their existing competitors, and found that there was not a single competitor who is doing digital marketing in this domain to increase revenue. It was the hitting point, we got it right and started going into the market with full confidence and our targeted audience responded really well.

Facebook Advertising

After building a brand perception, Selenium Facebook team created a funnel that was constructed to get Facebook users to engage with a series of Posts, review videos and banner ads. These educational content creations allowed Vibgyor to encourage people to strengthen their trust on online buying of Baking items.

In the meanwhile, we ran few competitions among our followers which went viral and also attracted those potential customers who were unaware of VCS. This move by Selenium established massive brand awareness and customer engagement.

Through series of posts, ad’s on Facebook and Instagram , we were able to get more direct messages. Considering the local consumer behavior of using whatsapp and to create more user friendly experience, we ran campaigns which were directly routing to VCS Whatsapp Business account. It made communication super easy and rapid!

Our bottom of the funnel strategy was designed to re-target those users which didn’t convert. So, we re-targeted those by using re-targeting strategies and tools and showed them relevant products they might be looking for and gradually started converting them into actual customers.


We were very hopeful when we ran our first campaign; it went well initially but not according to our expectations. We started work on our second campaign because we made a sales promise to our client and we couldn’t let it go just like that, so firstly we did analysis of what went wrong? It was a bad design and wrongly targeted campaign.

Our digital analysts got into work on the case. They asked the designers to design the campaign again with eye catching colors and more engaging content. They began with A/B testing for multiple segments and it started clicking and ROI was huge this time.

SeleniumRay made the strategy for building right brand reputation which went really well and profitable. With minimum budgeted paid campaigns, there were almost 100+ queries a day in the start and this number has drastically increased till now.

We are proud to work with the client that is so much in the limelight. It was and it is really great to run digital campaigns which are going successful every single day. We have now made a lifelong client and look forward to meet their future expectations again. 🙂

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