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With the continuous developments in technology, our dependence on phones has doubled-tripled in the past decade. From analyzing your heartbeat to ordering a ride, mobile comes in handy. Mobile plays a big role in promoting your business. Mobile SEO revolves around different practices of optimizing websites for mobile and tablet users.


Selenium Ray helps businesses by providing mobile search engine optimization solutions of websites to businesses. Imagine a site that doesn’t have a website. Imagine the audience it will not be able to entertain because they did not focus on Mobile SEO.And finally imagine the loss it will bring to business considering that more than 80% of current business engagements are through mobile


The urgency for businesses to have websites and be mobile-centric is greater than ever. Our experts have first-hand knowledge about mobile apps and different strategies to optimize the content of your websites and keeps them up to date. We help our clients gain more leverage over its target market by communicating to them through the right channel and medium.

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Are you making a Mistake?

Are you making a Mistake?

Are you giving your business the 100% that it needs? Are you investing the time and money that it demands and still not getting the results you had hoped for? This is because you’re neglecting a huge mass of your potential customers every day; the Mobile-Users. Despite your product’s utmost quality, you still are missing a great deal of customers; simply because you aren’t able to reach them!






You’re missing out!

You’re missing out!

Nearly 50% of the world’s population owns smartphones and that makes up almost 2.9 billion users. This number should be enough to highlight the significance of mobile users. Remember! The stats don’t lie. If you’re not optimizing your website for your phone-users, you’re basically handing over a substantial number of customers to your competitors. Do you really want that? No right?  So all you need to do is to reinvent the strategies and optimize your website for the mobile-users, so you can expand your reach to millions of customers out there.



The solution to your problems is subject to your focus. You need to make your website mobile-friendly for the greater portion of millennials who do not have the time to open laptop and search for your services. Let our experienced SEO analysists take care of this for you. Our qualified, experienced and dedicated team of mobile optimizers can not only optimize your website for the mobile owners, but also increase its ranking in the most used search engine; Google. This guarantees an increase in the traffic of your website through carefully planned SEO strategies.

Meet our Team for the Solution

Meet our Team for the Solution

We are a SEO company with all the solutions to your marketing problems. Our team of SEO experts has profound knowledge and in-depth expertise of mobile websites and the right tools to improve its ranking. Utilizing the years of experienece with thoughtful and effective combination of keywords, our team is capable of increasing the traffic on your phone-friendly website in no time. This gurantees a quick ROI from your mobile-centric website.

Why Us?

Why Us?

With Selenium Ray, you get a personalized service. Our dedicated team studies your mobile website stats, analyzes the possible shortcomings and devises improved strategies accordingly. This ensures the effectiveness of the SEO solutions that our team provides you. We maintain a transparent system throughout our journey to save you from any unpleasant surprises.



Our Packages

Our Packages

At Selenium Ray, we care about your wallet. This is why we offer a range of affordable SEO packages so you pick the one that suits you. You can expect the same level of dedication and commitment from our team in any package that you choose. Rest assured, our SEO analysists and experts will invest the time and energy your company needs so, with our team handling your mobile site, you can just still back and observe the rise in your traffic.

Our work process


Every business website is designed according to the services and products they provide. The need to have an innovative website is important because audience prefers properly designed structure and components of a mobile website. Our designers have the experience of providing clients what they desire.


Our experts will help you expand your businesses by designing and analyzing your website’s current mobile SEO. Also, our experts will make develop different strategies to keep you on the top in Google’s priority list which will directly impact your mobile rankings and organic traffic.



Our experts at Selenium Ray will keep a round check on your mobile SEO for you by monitoring the trends and performance. We will ensure that your site has a balanced algorithm and doesn’t crash. Our experts will be there for you throughout by recommending and implementing different mobile-first strategies

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