Mobile iOS Development

Developing an application on iOS is a little different as compared to Android app development. Obviously, the reasons are based on several notions. Each and every notion however is catered by the professional iOS mobile development professionals at Selenium Ray, a hub of web solutions in Lahore, UK, and UAE.


What do we do in order to develop an app is based on the following steps.

Get MacBook and an Account Registered

First of all, it should be clear that we develop apps for iOS on MacBook and nothing else. This is pretty obvious though! To design and develop an app for iOS, we possess machines which have Intel processor and runs on 10.8 version to the least. Furthermore, we go for the premium version of “Apple App Development Account”. That allows us to download Xcode. It also allows us to reach iOS SDK documentation. Alongside, we get complete resources to take care of technical issues.

Installation of Xcode and App Development

Once we install Xcode in the system and run it without any issue, professionals at Selenium Ray start developing the application for iOS. There are three types (hybrid, native, and web-based apps) of iOS application which are all dealt professionally under the expertise of cream of iOS mobile app developers. In the association of all these three types, Xcode is totally synched with IDE (integrated development environment) which is solemnly for the Apple users. Since it is all about the professionals, applications on iOS are created within the quoted time frame.

Classification of iOS Mobile Applications

It is our responsibility at Selenium Ray to guide our clients on the right application for their business and branding. Following are some basics that we share with them. If you want to know more about our services in this regard, don’t hesitate and click on the button “contact us”.

  • Precisely 24 categories are there in the Apple App Store.
  • Out of 24, only 7 types of iOS apps that are used by 3% of the people or audience.

The main aim of these applications on iOS is to do business or trade of any kind, communicate and interconnect, and entertain themselves by playing games. Other objectives include educating oneself and others, relaxing with music apps and etc.

Interesting Facts

Out of 7 app categories, gaming stands on number one. Reason being, gaming relaxes one’s mind, high engagement is involved which leads to success and achievement. In short, something that always makes us feel good is based on gaming applications. Selenium Ray has enthusiastic and highly motivated team members who take care of each and every project separately. They discuss and guide clients before starting the development. Therefore, from the inception to the final stages of development each and every step is carried out professionally and smoothly.