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 The Mission

Meikong is one of the oldest restaurant in Pakistan. They have several branches in Lahore, Islamabad and Sialkot. Undoubtedly, Meikong is one of the best Chinese and Thai restaurants with pocket friendly rates. No one can say “No” to their 19-B soup, it’s not just amazing and it’s “Super” delicious.

When management of Meikong felt they should have their digital presence, they contacted SeleniumRay. We got them on board and started spreading words about Meikong. Few years back they came up with new café in Lahore, the main challenge was its awareness and bringing customers to its door.

In 2018, they opened a new branch in Sialkot, which is latest, state of the art and absolutely best out of all. They also started catering and event management services so the main target was to create awareness and to have a successful opening campaigns.


Increase In Sales


People Reached on Facebook


Organic Engagement on Social Media

 The Process

Selenium Ray wanted to dedicate appropriate focus on all of its branches in order to cater area specific customers. It’s really important that customer knows all the services a restaurant is offering except food to make right decision For example if they are looking for family gathering, events like birthday, engagements, bridal showers , open air catering then they should know where to find them all.

We made that happen through Facebook Marketing only. First of all we had an out class mouth-watering rich food photography which has taken its brand perception to a totally new level. We made videos of full customer experience at the restaurant and then we engaged different food groups to make it go viral.

Facebook Advertising

After having amazing food photography, we converted them to creative designs and started to market them through facebook paid campaigns. For the facebook paid campaigns, the creative artworks showcased the food for foodies’ community, families and group of friends, the services of events management and catering, to generate interest from corporate sector as well as from people who are likely looking for them in their respective vicinities.

We ran many creative campaigns like Ladies Thursday, Bankers Friday, Teacher’s Tuesday, happy hour etc. and these campaigns went massively successful with specified and targeted audiences. We ran campaigns for school kids, students and youngsters for small budget value deals, we made 9 food deals for different segmentations and it was the point where Meikong hit the highest sale of the year because, previously they were actually playing around with almost every single category.


We were not having high hope when we first ran 9 deals campaign for Meikong Café but it turned out to be the most powerful idea. Just after running this first campaign, sales were increased by 105% and later on went upto 250% after 3 months with the same paid campaign budget.

The opening of Mei Kong Sialkot restaurant went immensely profitable. All we did was to run a facebook advertisement campaign rightly targeting the audience using the creative eye catching designs.

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