Hybrid App

Selenium Ray is the only online market place to get a professional hybrid mobile application. Reason being, it has hybrid app developers who are working in this field for long. Since they are not new, they have qualification as well as experience. Furthermore, if you are not able to get satisfactory results from other companies, then try us now! Each and every team member of app development entail characteristic which are known for excellence and professionalism.

Things to Remember

You must have a sound knowledge of these things before sending Us a Quote

What do they include?

  • Specialization in UX designing
  • Excellent visual designing
  • js development
  • js development
  • HTML 5 development
  • HTML 5 design
  • Cross-Platform development
  • Qualified software engineers
  • js development
  • Angular JS development
  • Multi-platform development
  • Inside out knowledge of web mobile app development

What are Hybrid Web Applications?

Hybrid applications are based on web pages and are indexed in the local browser. That includes UIWebView and WebView in iOS and Android respectively. Another keynote that anyone who is opting for the service should be aware of is that it is not Chrome or Safari. What do we use in order to develop a hybrid app? It includes the following…

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML

However, platforms which the expert hybrid app developers use in Selenium Ray include Cordova, etc.

Why Choose Selenium Ray for Hybrid Web App development?

When it comes to Selenium Ray and its expertise in the hybrid app development services, there are many aspects which makes it stand out. They include…

  • Competent web solutions
  • Reasonable rates with responsive mobile web app development
  • Guidance, collaboration, communicative patterns, and client-centric approach
  • Testimonials from the clients to exhibit professionalism and expertise
  • Completion and delivery of the project before the expected time frame
  • Dexterous project dynamics and functionality
  • Hybrid mobile app development with fast and cost-effective services
  • Quality assurance testing before going live on events

What does Hybrid App development Entail?

Hybrid applications engage capabilities as well as features of a native app. It also entails developers to adopt HTML 5 which is best for developing mobile applications. At Selenium Ray, developers ensure that the app functions on most of the embedded browsers. They also guarantee use of adept user interface. However, it is not easy for clients or users to differentiate between native apps and hybrid apps. Reason being, both are stored in mobile and are installed through mediums like Apple Store and/or Google Play Store. Furthermore, both native and hybrid apps are launched in the same manner.

Therefore, the question arises, “what is the difference between a hybrid app and a native app?” To this, we can say that…

  • Hybrid applications are developed by mobile app developers
  • Hybrid developers do not recode the entire app
  • Experienced and expert hybrid developers do the code in CSS 3, JavaScript, and HTML 5

We are sure that you have several questions in your mind regarding hybrid mobile app development. Why don’t you call one of our representatives to guide you on same, by pressing the button below?