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How to Crush Facebook Ads?

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How to Crush Facebook Ads?

Marketers, let it be digital or patent, are required to understand certain aspects before delving into campaigning. Facebook adverts are however an embodiment of increasing reach and response. By using advertisement wisely and carefully, that is after the completion of laying out strategies and plans, one can excel tremendously. In this article, we have revealed some ways to manifest adverts on the social media platform, Facebook.

First thing first, everyone who is engaged in Facebook marketing must know the basics of planning. For that, understanding of traffic reach is way too important. Let’s see what it means and then move on to the strategies which will allow you to crush Facebook ads.

Types and Conversions of Traffic on Facebook:

Well, there are mainly three steps which lead to the right client for business. They are…

  1. Cold traffic – people have never seen you
  2. Warm traffic – people who engage with your posts on Facebook
  3. Hot traffic – people who are in the buying mindset

Cold traffic is generally regarded for those posts and adverts in which you introduce yourself as a service/product seller. In this step, you hardly aim for the selling point and focus on the introduction.

Warm traffic is generated when the introduction part is over. This type of traffic is boosted by giving offers of working together; where you are the service or product seller.

Later, warm traffic is turned into hot traffic. This is when the audience turns into a client. In this phase, you show testimonials of business with other clients. confidence, trust, and satisfaction are the primary steps to start any business. Therefore, showing testimonials plays an important role in getting clients. Also, it is the point where the services are rendered by prospected clients.

Now that we know the basics of traffic, let’s delve into the strategies of Facebook advertising.

3 Strategies to Function on Facebook Campaign

Since there are many strategies and we know that not all of them are useful, (because of the fact of “to each their own”) we have shortlisted them into six. These tactics are the best ones and work like a charm in almost every kind of business.

Strategy 1: videos for re-targeting purposes

There are many customers or clients who would visit your page and checkout from the official websites. Even after checking out, they don’t seem to like the product or service. In such cases, Facebook campaigns on videos help massively. If you are thinking as to the “how”, then you must know the following.

When someone drops out from the website and doesn’t get to buy anything, then it is your responsibility to approach the same person indirectly. That could be done through Facebook videos. In those videos, you can explain how lavish and extravagant your services are, the perks of buying items or services, and how to remain loyal to the company.

The video strategy safeguards clients by reminding them about what they sell. When impressions are tracked down it becomes easy to approach them too. the very same strategy can be applied on Facebook messenger advertisements.

Strategy 2: consolidation of advertisements on Facebook

Strengthening adverts primarily needs Facebook ads expert. Reason being, they are professionals and know the nitty-gritty of social media marketing. Nevertheless, you must know the procedure of consolidating Facebook posts and ads. In this regard, you must remember the following points.


  • Duplicate content on the website is as bad as a replica of posts on Facebook. It is because the danger of failed campaigns becomes more obvious. Every time a fake or duplicate post is published, chances of minimum or zero social proof becomes evident.
  • Go with original content on posts for Facebook. It leaves better options for getting clients. Also, it adds on value of solicitation which means that the post is not duplicated. Social proof is also maintained. It means you have higher prospects of getting likes and messages to render the services or buying the products.
  • Page posts must be shared by the authorities and not random people. This means you must have an ID through which you will log in and create a new post.


Strategy 3: testing Facebook ads

Testing options are available on Facebook which isn’t very useful. We can say that on some legit and logical reasoning. First of all, they are pretty unreliable and secondly, they are hard for a layman to use. Therefore, either you should give up on the idea totally or hire a Facebook ad agency to fulfill the needs. If you hire someone with complete information on campaigning, it becomes easy to function and hope for getting clients. However, you must experiment with tests. Don’t rely on one and attempt for at least three ways to improve the reach on Facebook advertisement.

All in all, these three strategies are the crux of an advertisement on Facebook. If you face any issue for which you want to hire services of Facebook advertising Lahore, then share your agendas and campaigning budget so that we can assist you completely.

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