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Selenium Ray is the ultimate catalyst for generating the desired target traffic towards your website, thus, eliminating all the unwanted visitors. We do not want you to lose out on clicks! The best part? Our eCommerce digital marketing experts are very passionate about giving your online store a makeover so that you are always a step ahead!

ecommerce marketing agency

Seleniumray, one of the leading e-commerce marketing agency, helps you to determine the interests and behaviors of the consumers and to target maximum audience towards your company. Our e-commerce online marketing services include a team of designers that will help you to create your advertisements. Seleniumray’s e-commerce content marketing agency provides you with a team that will write for you, a concise, captivating copy of your product. Through our e-commerce social media marketing agency, we assist you in publicizing your product through the various social media platforms available. Avail services by our expert team so that you can get the most out of our e-commerce marketing website. Seleniumray provides you the best and the most affordable marketing services that you can think.  no fake promises or false commitments — guaranteed results in a short time. Try us, and we are sure you will be 100% satisfied with our e-commerce management company.

ecommerce online services

With have a firm commitment to ensuring the success of your e-commerce website. We excel in optimizing your rankings on various search engines online and helping you to get the maximum possible engagement on your business site. Seleniumray provides you the best e-commerce marketing services all over Pakistan. Our e-commerce agency is always ready to help you maximize your e-commerce online marketing.  If you want to enhance and give your site a steady boost, you need an experienced e-commerce digital agency which has experience working with e-commerce clients. You do not want to be the experimental clients, and that is one main reason you should opt for Seleniumray. For the best e-commerce marketing online, contact selenium ray, and get away with all your e-commerce marketing problems, All of them at one place. If you live with the doubts that hiring and e-commerce agency is too expensive, you have another thought coming your way after choosing Seleniumray.

Tactics of E-Commerce

These are some tactics of E-Commerce 


Selenium Ray is a hub of transforming dead businesses into something potential. In this regard, we facilitate our clients with the best conversion rates. That is done through a number of ways by following strategies and the right tactic. Although conversions are not that easy, we try to bring in the best conversion rates through appropriate tactics. What you should know about conversions though? Well, you must be aware of the fact that there are different types of e-commerce.

  • If the e-commerce business is related to retail or not. Yes? Okay… is it associated with clothing or electronics?
  • Travel related to e-commerce services
  • SaaS?

Navigation and Mapping on Website

Do you know that the first place to exhibit business is your official website? Visitor comes to check out all the information there and nowhere else? Well, yes it the most vital aspect to look into services or products is the “navigation” feature. Any website that is not properly mapped or structures is eventually the source of frustration. Mostly when the visitor doesn’t find appropriate navigation, they leave the site and go to the competitive website. Therefore, the ultimate increase in sales is pretty much dependent on navigation and mapping of the website.

Paid Media Mapping

Selenium Ray also facilitates with the paid media mapping which is all about “external efforts of marketing”. This particularly includes paid placements. It also has a PPC advertisement, display of advertisements, content that is meant for branding, and etc. Furthermore, paid media marketing is associated directly with brand awareness and revenue growth. However, it is more to do with online businesses and not the physical ones. In this regard, if you have any query or want to place an order to triple the sales, don’t miss out the opportunity.


Re-targeting is a service which is solemnly about bringing the visitors back to the site from where they did not buy anything and left the online store. Specifically, this method of selling goods and services is based on online stores. Custom advertisements are the means through which visitors are re-targeted. What kind of advertisements are used in this regard? Well, some of the ways include, third-party advertisement network, Facebook advertisements, Google network, and etc. So, if you are wanting to know who left the website without buying anything, and want to target them again, then hire our professionals of the field at Selenium Ray.

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