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Selenium ray providing online marketing services in Pakistan. We have also been providing our services as a conversion rate optimization agency to our worthy clients. A CRO agency makes sure to deliver great ROI every time our clients trust us.

Our integral approach is fundamental to the success of our clients in conversion rate optimization and personalization.


What makes us the best CRO agency?

We put our whole dedication and motivation into our work which builds up our reputation among the best conversion rate optimization companies. Our data insights and intensive user research backs up our hypotheses. This in return ensures a thorough understanding of the needs of the users and discovering the best possible solutions as a conversion rate optimisation agency.

Conversion Rate Page Optimization Services

Conversion rates are the ways through which a company gets a return from selling services or goods at a better rate. Technically, CRO determines the potential increase in the rates which are converted from different platforms. Selenium Ray facilitates clients with the appropriate approach of “Conversion Rate Optimization” services. Unique in the methodology, best in the optimization rate, and with a clear track in history; makes us Selenium Ray, the name of trust and quality. Since the inception of the company, professionals and experts on-board invested a massive number of hours in the welfare of the company. That led to the satisfaction of clients and from there we grew in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.


What Should ask from Company Before Hiring them for CRO

Following are some of the questions which must be asked before hiring a company for the CRO services.

  1. Why should we hire your company and not any other company providing CRO services?
  2. Will the expert do research before taking the project?
  3. What challenges are faced in the best conversion rate optimization process?
  4. Which type of testing is carried out to provide the best CRO services?
  5. What are the best service charges besides consultation fees?
  6. Testing on the website for the conversion rate is mandatory. Who actually handles tests etc. on the official business website?
  7. What is the guarantee on a boost in conversion rates?
  8. Is “concurrent split test” conducted before proposing conversion rate?


All these questions are mandatory and a must to check the know-how of services you are about to hire.

Conversion rate company with an affordable plan

You can increase the revenue on your website with integrating a conversion rate company that will work for better profitability of your website. We, in Pakistan, are a competitive optimization agency that will always consider vital approaches to help our clients rate higher success rates. Our conversion rate company will never disappoint you.

Our conversion optimization company uncovers the issues faced by the client and identify practical solutions to ensure better results. As an optimization agency, our goal is to provide you with a resolute strategy that will come from tested recommendation and research-based hypotheses which not every conversion rate agency would offer you.


Have You Still Questions in mind ?

Typically, it is not just the questions that one must know about. It is a complete knowledge of the answers too, right? If you don’t know the answers to your own questions, it will not just look odd but also have the potential to harm you in terms of hiring wrong people. Therefore, we have answered the questions mentioned above.

1. Qualitative research for the project

Research on the audience and visitors on the website determines the flow of conversation. It includes focusing on the groups of individuals who visit the website, online surveys, and the interviews on a one-on-one basis. Besides that, it also has detailed research on exit surveys on the website. Even if the companies have their own reasoning on not to do research, should never be considered hiring for the CRO.

2. Challenges while conducting CRO

Honestly, taking care of the best CRO services is a completed deal. It needs complete and thorough analysis, an intense look into specific solutions, and facilitation of the highest rate of success. Understanding the tactics to offer the best conversion rate is another complicated part. Reason being, you have to know the right strategy to work on and hiring anyone who doesn’t sound proficient in the service would end up in a disaster.

3. Concurrent split test

Just know the basics that too many tests come with a warning. First of all, tests which are not run on a concurrent manner will cease the attention of many. And the second issue is that if there are too many tests which are run on the website, there should not be the same line to follow.

4. Boost in inversion rate

This is something through which you can easily determine which company is promising way too much and which is not following the first one’s league. Well, if a company says that they will give the best conversion rate in a day or two then run as fast as you can. Most of such companies are not trained well and their professionals are just mimicking other experts because they know nothing about the service they are providing. On the contrary, companies which belief in success rate after testing the launched website are much reliable.

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