Android Application and Development

The twenty-first century is known for the “digital world” in which every second person owns a smart cellular device. Android phones are one of them and people tend to buy phones for multiple purposes. Selenium Ray helps all those businesses and brands that want to get an Android application. Our experts and professionals facilitate clients with the following aspects and needs. However, we also render customized services which may not be included in the list mentioned below.

  • Completely structured JavaScript based Android applications
  • Compliance with the need of APK file that is submitted for verification by Google Play Store
  • Debugging of the Android based mobile phone application
  • Use of intents as per need (both, implicit and explicit)
  • Excellent fragments in the application
  • List of custom view in the application
  • The action bar is created in association with the application
  • SQLite, preferences, and files are shared with clients if necessary
  • Handling of 6 permissions for android apps
  • Applications are saved for further use on an online database (for best user management)

Selenium Ray and Android Mobile Application

We know that without healthy competition nothing makes sense. Having said so, it is pretty much clear that the need for any Android application is for the sake of entertainment. Earning through Android games and other applications, one can easily make money. However, you will lose all that you invested in the development of an app if you don’t hire the expert Android application developers. At Selenium Ray we invest your hard-earned money in the making of systematic and harmonious Android applications. We always look at the following elements before calling it a successful launch.

  • Maximum number of downloads
  • Excellent reviews from the users

Nevertheless, strategies play an important role in the victorious launch of an app. For that our professional Android application developers make sure of the following aspects.

  • Understand the market
  • Know the competitors
  • Awareness of challenges and how to overcome
  • Analysis through SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threats) approach

Strategies for Android Application and Development Services

Unexperienced and noob developers try to implement several strategies at one go. That is a call for disaster. Unlike them, professionals at Selenium Ray (who are mostly qualified software engineers) opt for tactics according to the requirements of the project. Since every project means the world to us, our developers take a complete brief from the client and then work on tactics. However, a basic plan is to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Understand the dynamics of Android application
  • Step 2: Get aware of wireframing of the application
  • Step 3: Designing of the Android application
  • Step 4: Development of the application
  • Step 5: Testing of the Android application
  • Step 6: Deployment of the application in the market
  • Step 7: Post-deployment of the application